Tanya Koens

is a pleasure activist, a sex geek, a sensualist and a passionate advocate for quality relationships and communication skills.  With thousands of hours of clinical experience and having studied under some of the world leaders in sex education, Tanya is one of the leading lights in sex and relationships in Australia … she gives people language to tackle sensitive subjects and believes that a healthy sex life has positive impacts in all areas of life.  She works across self esteem, anxiety, trauma, diversity, inclusivity, relating and sex.  Non-judgemental and easy to talk to, she can help you achieve the pleasure, love and style of relating that you seek.

 To see what clients say about Tanya click  here

To see what clients say about Tanya click here

FBi Radio - lets talk about sex podcast

Tanya is the resident sexologist and pleasure activist on FBi Radio.  Catch Tanya every second Monday at 9.20am on Mornings with Bridie Tanner  for Lets Talk About Sex on FBi Radio 94.5fm in Sydney or www.fbiradio.com.

If you miss a show you can catchup and listen to our dedicated segment podcast.

Back for more consent!

Tanya will be joining the Hook Up on October 28 to talk about Betty Martin’s Wheel of Consent, what different types of touch mean, and how it can bring you even more pleasure in the bedroom.


Tanya did a special show with nat tencic on The Hook Up on Triple j

Nat Tencic and Tanya cover the large and important topic of consent.  

We chatted about pleasure, the difficulties in asking for what you want, different types of touch and interaction, how consent can not only keep you safe but also give you so much more pleasure in life.

Have a listen to the podcasts below (Tanya features in Parts 2 and 3)

Consent Part 1: How To Pick Up in the #MeToo era 

Consent Part 2: Enthusiastic consent

 Consent Part 3: Alcohol & lessons from BDSM 

 Tanya joined the Life Matters show to discuss intimacy in long term relationships. You can listen  here .

Tanya joined the Life Matters show to discuss intimacy in long term relationships. You can listen here.

Ladies we need to talk @   all about women


The orgasm gap

Yumi Style, Dr Melissa Kang, Tanya Koens and Nakkiah Lui panel discussion

Live 4 March and Podcast 17 July

We look at statistics that show 95% of heterosexual men have an orgasm every time, 87% of gay men, 83% of lesbians and only 65% of heterosexual women.  We chat about societal norms, sex education, pleasure and relationships.  Its a fun chat and you can listen here.

Media SExpert

Tanya is a regular on Macquarie Radio Lifestyle shows: The Good Life with Jono Coleman, Lifestyle Overnight with David Prior, Lifestyle Mornings with Tim Webster & Dee Dee, Talking Relationships with Jono Coleman. Tanya also appears on ABC Radio's Nightlife with Philip Clark and Triple J, The Hook Up and Hack. She has also appeared on 2SER's program Digital Thinking. Click the images above for her latest podcasts or articles. You can hear all of her podcasts > here> .




Tanya is preparing  a number of workshops for 2018 and a program will be up soon.  Watch out for:
- Intimate discussions for professionals
- Working with couples with desire discrepancy
- Hugging
- Kissing
- The Wheel of Consent
- Female sexuality groups
- Orgasmic Yoga
- How to be a good lover


Surry Hills Therapy is an inclusive practice where all sexualities, sexual expressions and practices are welcome.