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How To Talk About Sex - Introduction Workshop

Date:          Monday, March 7

Time:          9am – 5pm

Cost:          $340 (early bird $295, before February 7)

Where:     Cambridge Hotel, 212 Riley Street, Surry Hills,  NSW,  2010


Psychologists, Ÿ Counsellors, Ÿ Psychotherapists, Ÿ Doctors, Ÿ Nurses, Ÿ Allied Health Practitioners, Ÿ Alternative Medicine Practitioners, Sexual Health Practitioners

People find it so difficult to talk about sex yet it is such an important part life. In the words of Shirley MacLaine sex is hardly ever about sex! It’s easy to pathologise dysfunction and treat sexual issues in isolation, yet they very rarely occur outside of people’s lives and relationships.

Participants will learn why sex is so important and teach them methods to allow them to communication and an open and relaxed way with their clients, patients or even their own loved ones!  Tanya will include holistic influences from clients lives as well as sitting with the emotions that may come up for them.


  • Relationship pulse check: communication, patterns (useful and not useful)
  • Sexual expectations/beliefs/meanings and their impacts on libido, performance, relationships and self esteem
  • Factors affecting desire in men and women and give an introduction to arousal systems.
  • Some treatment examples
  • Tips on how to make time and space for intimacy in long-term relationships

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With Tanya Koens – Sexologist and Relationship Counsellor

Tanya runs a busy practice in Surry Hills in Sydney and has many thousands of hours of clinical practice as a sex therapist and relationship counselor.  She works with a variety of clients from single males and females, through dating and married couples, same sex relationships, kink, poly and gender queer.  She also lectures and teaches about sex and sexuality. 

Her approach is practical, uses humour and draws on many different counselling frameworks and models to help people relate authentically and consciously to themselves and others.

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