Thank you Tanya for your patient wisdom and for holding space for the two of us.
— Couple, 40s, navigating infidelity
Tanya, just a massive thank you for all your help in the last few months. Even if I am not quite there yet, you have truly helped me a lot through this journey which is something I am never going to forget.
— Male, 29
Thanks again for the other days session. I got so much out of it! You’re a goddess!
— Gay Male, 37
Hi Tanya, just wanted to thank you again for talking and guiding us through what is obviously a tough discussion. I’m pretty sure we would not have been able to do it ourselves in the way we worked last night. Appreciate very much what you did.
— Male, 45, (negotiating break in same sex relationship)
Just wanted to thank you again for yesterday. It’s given me a lot of freedom and that is a huge gift!
— Male, 35
I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you for our sessions last year. I know I only saw you a couple of times, but it really helped me to process some stuff that I needed to let go of, and have faith in what was possible for me ... Not long after, I met a wonderful young woman who is now my girlfriend of six months. We have an incredible bond, an amazing sex life & marched in the Mardi Gras parade together on the weekend. It all feels quite natural now, but I remember how afraid & stuck I felt before. Thanks again.
— Female, 32
Your lessons are manifesting positively in my life.
— Female, 27
One thing we have gotten from coming to see Tanya is learning how to accept ourselves
as we are.
— Couple, early 30s (mis-matched libidos)
My life has improved ten fold since coming to see you.
— Female, 28 (Vaginismus)
Thank you for your kindness, patience, advice, support and wise counsel this year. Even though I’ve only had a handful of sessions with you, each time you’ve helped me incredibly by gently and respectfully pushing me to ask myself the hard questions, be kinder to myself and to think about things differently. Even knowing that I can come and see you if I need to helps me so much!
— Female, 39
Did anyone ever tell you that you are a diamond, Tanya? Well add me to that queue, please. Diamond you!
— Male, 45
Thank you so much for all your deep care and help at the moment. You have been an absolute godsend.
— Female, 40
Tanya has the ability to home in on the vitally important events, triggers and emotions underlying the relationship with one’s spouse – what they mean, how they work, and how to deal with them better. In helping me to make sense of an extremely tense and difficult period, I felt able to move forward with more confidence and understanding of my personal situation, and the needs of the other person.
— Male, late 50s (separating from wife) 
I think every girl needs a Tanya in their back pocket.
— Female, 34
Wanted to thank you for your amazing help, I appreciate your unique skill & talent.
— Non-binary client, 25
I want to thank you for all your sound advice and helping me to push through my insecurities and get ‘out there’ and do things and meet people. I feel like a different person since we first met.
— Male, 27 (gay - working through sexuality issues)
After our therapy session, I felt really positive. Kind of like this weight had been lifted off my shoulders … I felt so happy, I was in such a good mood and I was really excited for this new phase of my life … One hour of meeting you has changed three years of my life!
— Female, 24 (with vaginismus)
We found Tanya to be immensely approachable regarding our problems. She addressed our difficulties professionally with sensitivity and provided great insight and techniques that allowed us to resolve our difficulties quickly and enhance our sex lives. We have no hesitation in recommending Tanya and would encourage others to not put off getting their sexual issues addressed.
— Couple, mid 30s (just married)
Thank you for your help Tanya. After speaking with you I was able to talk to my husband about some difficult things. Just being able to talk about it with someone has been the biggest help of all, so thank you so much for your kind, empathetic ear.
— Female, 53
Tanya made it easy for me to talk about areas that I found very difficult.
— Male, 68
Our sex activity has resumed a place in our relationship in fact more intensely than I can remember in the past - certainly the recent past ... In my view your work with me has played an important part of this revival.
— Male, 63, (mis-matched libidos)
I just wanted to say thank you so much for your help and insights. My partner and I are getting there... this is all helping so much and I do feel like we WILL get there. I really appreciate your understanding in our sessions. Your acknowledgement, understanding and guidance is so valuable. It’s helped to clarify things, explain things ... which is getting us on the path we need to be on to find a way to have happy, fulfilling, real intimacy.
— Female, 34 (partner with delayed ejaculation)
Thank you so much for the support and encouragement you gave me in this year that will go down as one of my biggest ever!
— Female, 32, (relationship coaching, trauma processing)
 Thank you for your warmth, understanding and wisdom during the counselling sessions. It is now much easier to talk about our thoughts, feelings and wishes regarding our sex life and we have made some nice discoveries.
— Couple, 39 and 47 (mis-matched libidos)
Tanya saved our marriage!
— Couple, (married 36 years)
You are the sex ninja
— Couple, early 50s
Tanya helped me enormously in sorting out my personal issues
— Female, 32
You are a schmokin’ hot woman! Not only have your words filed themselves in my mind, but it was really you as a person that made the biggest impact.
— Female, 24 (depression, low desire)