Tanya Koens

Sexologist & Counsellor

Pronouns: She / Hers

Working as a Clinical and Somatic Sexologist and Counsellor, Tanya finds it easy to build rapport and open, straightforward communication with people. She appreciates the everyday frustrations encountered by people – both in their work and personal lives.  She is warm, empathic and non-judgemental and provides a safe place for people to explore their sexuality, feelings and inner worlds.

Working somatically she specialises in helping people’s relationships with self, with others and with sex. Tanya’s style of counselling is person centered. She draws on different methodologies to help you explore your present situation and work on understanding yourself better in order to make positive changes in your life. She is easy to talk to and can help you understand the dynamics of your family of origin and relationship patterns that may impact different areas of your life. She will work closely with you to address any energies and emotions raised.

Sensitive to the difficult nature of sexual health, Tanya provides a safe, confidential space for issues of this nature to be discussed and addressed.

Tanya also teaches pleasure and the anatomy of arousal, how to communicate around sex and intimacy and coaches people looking to enhance their sex life.

We both think you are great.  
Thanks for making it safe enough for us to be brave, that is a skill we admire!
— Couple, 50 and 54

With thousands of hours of clinical experience under her belt, Tanya supervises many Counsellors and Psychologists, speaks at industry conferences and events and is a sought after media commentator.  She has a passion for authentic relating, takes a somatic approach to therapy and works with Betty Martin’s Wheel of Consent to help people create safe sensual ways to connect.

Tanya has led community groups, volunteered for different organisations and is a social mentor to people of all ages. She is also a passionate presenter on sex and sexuality.

Therapy Methods Used

ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) – a combination of mindfulness, CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) and learning how to be present and tune into thoughts and feelings.

Mindfulness – helping you focus on the present (the here and now) to achieve self awareness and positive life and sexual experiences.

Embodiment - working somatically to take you out of your head and into your body.

Gestalt – to help people experience emotions rather than just talk about them.

Existentialism – each person is unique, makes their own choices and shapes their own life.

Phenomenology – what is happening in the here and now.

Transactional Analysis – looking at parent, adult, child relationships within ourselves.

Social Constructivism – what do you give meaning and power to?

Solution Focused – let’s help you work out a plan.

Sexual Personality Types – working with people’s to help them better understand their sexuality and the meanings, beliefs and thoughts they attribute to sex. 

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Tanya has worked as a crisis telephone counsellor for a NSW Rape Crisis Centre and also been a telephone counsellor for Impotence Australia helping men with sexual health problems.

Tanya has worked for Relationships Australia and currently runs her own busy practice in Surry Hills.  

She lectures and presents to health professionals on how to talk about sex with their patients and delivers workshops on positive sexuality, conscious relating, desire discrepancy, sexual dysfunction, mindfulness and a range of other topics.


Graduate Diploma Health Sciences (Sexual Health) – University of Sydney

Graduate Diploma in Counselling – Australian College of Applied Psychology

Masters of Business, Marketing – University of Technology, Sydney

Urban Tantra Graduate

Certified Sexological Body Worker - Somatic Sex Educator

Professional Memberships

SAS – Society of Australian Sexologists (formerly ASSERT) - General Member and Vice President of SAS NSW

PACFA – Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia - Clinical Member 

Workshops and Additional Training

Tanya takes professional development seriously and splits her time between Counselling and Psychological training and further Sexual Health/Sexuality training.


Oppression, Privilege and Spiritual Practice: A Symposium - Embodied Philosophy - July/August 2019
8 week symposium featuring different experts giving lectures on trauma, oppression and implications for therapy and organisations working with oppressed populations. How spiritual practices can be effective in the treatment and healing of intergenerational trauma and help to disrupt and dismantle structural oppression.

Transgender Health, SAS Professional Development
90 min presentation by Ms Maggie Smith, CNC @ T150 Clinic (the Albion Centre) - 03 July 2019

Trans* A Short History of the Trans* Body in Visual Culture
Jack Halberstam + panel discussion (Teddy Cook, Liz Duck-Chong, Christie Newman)
UNSW - 2.5 hour talk - 28 June 2019

Embodying Social Justice - Embodied Philosophy
4 week (8 hours + readings) online course presented by Rae Johnson - May 2019

Esther Perel - Game Changer - The State of Modern Relationships
90 min workshop presented by Esther Perel - 02 May 2019


Certified Somatic Sex Educator - Institute of Somatic Sexology
Six month concentrated course in somatic coaching and teaching (2nd year).  Working with trauma, scar remediation, orgasms, sexual dysfunction, taoist practices, teaching erotic practices and coaching, embodiment, consent, negotiation, anatomy and sexual practices - September 2018 - April 2019 (ongoing - slight delay due to surgery)

Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Regimes Update, SAS NSW Professional Development
90 min overview presented by Dr Michael Lowy - 09 August 2018

Stress-Proofing the Brain: Applying Neuroplasticity Mindful Self-Compassion
and Positive Psychology to Overcome Stress Anxiety & Trauma

1 day workshop presented by Dr Melanie Greenberg - 30 July 2018

The Delicate Sadist
90 min workshop presented by Aleni DV8, Studio Kink - 10 June 2018

Teaching the Wheel in Groups
3 study modules on presenting the Wheel of Consent to Groups taught by Betty Martin - 2-16 May 2018

Like a Pro - Betty Martin's Wheel of Consent training for practitioners
5 day consent workshop presented by Betty Martin - 13-17 April 2018

Treating Out of Control Sexual Behaviour
1 day workshop presented by Douglas Braun-Harvey - 29 March 2018

Festival of Erotic and Sexual Transformation
2 1/2 days of consent, embodiment and sexuality workshops - 23-25 February 2018
Also presented a workshop at this event.


Trauma, the Brain & Biology: Foundations & Treatment of Trauma
2 day workshop presented by Bessel van der Kolk - 4-5 December 2017

SAS NSW Education Night - Therapeutic Approaches to Working with Transgender Clients
2 hour professional development presentation given by Dr Elizabeth Riley - 14 August 2017

ACT for Relationships - Russ Harris
2 day workshop on couples therapy - 17-18 July 2017

Lesbian, Bisexual and Queer Women's Health Conference
2 day conference run by ACON & VAC - 13-14 July 2017

Needle Play - Studio Kink, Precipice
2 hour workshop on needle play techniques and safety procedures - 20 May 2017

Urban Tantra Experience, Sydney: Breath, Sensation and Power - Barbara Carrellas
2.5 day workshop on tantra techniques 28-30 April, 2017

Beyond the Label - Studio Kink, Aleni & Doll DV8
2 hour workshop on kink and bdsm labels, ways of being and how people identify their kink

The Society for Scientific Study of Sexuality, 1st Australian Symposium "Sexual Science in the 21st Century"
2 day series of workshops and presentations - 1-2 February 2017


In Love & Service - Ruby May,
2.5 day workshop exploring power dynamics between men and women where women were given the role of power and men the role of serving them - Melbourne 19-21 November 2016

Genital Anatomy for People with Vulvas - Ellen Heed
90 minute anatomy lecture, 19 November 2016

Switching - Studio Kink Sydney
2 hour workshop on switching between dominance and submission - September 2016

Alain de Botton - The Course of Love
2 hour presentation on love throughout history and modern perspectives on love - 9 July 2016

Certified Sexological Bodywork - Institute of Somatic Sexology
Six month concentrated course in somatic coaching, teaching and bodywork.  Working with trauma, scar remediation, orgasms, sexual dysfunction, taoist practices, teaching erotic practices and coaching, embodiment, consent, negotiation, anatomy and sexual practices - April - September 2016

7th Multidisciplinary Sexual Dysfunction Conference - Auckland, New Zealand
Two day conference in Auckland on Sexual Dysfunction.  Also presented at this conference and ran a one day workshop as the conference opener.


Somatic Approach to Erectile Function
One day intensive workshop with Deej and Uma (Institute of Somatic Sexology) teaching embodied methods for treatment of erectile dysfunction - Melbourne, November 2015

Urban Tantra Professional Training
Six day intensive workshop with Barbara Carellas covering business planning, Tantra techniques and principles, working with clients (somatic, tantra, bodywork), power exchange, alternative sexuality practices - Melbourne, September 2015

Working with High Conflict Couples
One day workshop presented by Jacqueline McDiarmid - Sydney, June 2015

SAS NSW Education Night - Owning Your Shadow Though Sexual Fantasy
2 hour professional development presented by Artemisia Devine, professional dominatrix and sexuality teacher - Sydney, April 2015

Queer Erotic Embodiment
2 day workshop learning breath work, movement, vibration, awareness and touch to access the nervous system and expanding on what can be experienced through the body.  Practising active consent, active receiving and holding space for others - Sydney, March 21-22, 2015

CAPA Professional Development - Psycho diagnosis: Accelerating progress using Intensive short-term dynamic therapy (ISTDP) 
2 hour workshop presented by Ronald Valencia - Sydney, March 3

SAS Journal Club
2 hour peer review of publications: Squirting in Female Sexuality; Childbirth in Pleasure and Ecstasy; Sex & Relationships issues in Infertility and IVF treatments - Sydney, February 9, 2015

Spanking workshop with Janet Hardy
One day intensive workshop on the art and psychology behind spanking - Melbourne January 31, 2015

Festival of Really Good Sex
Workshops on sex and sexuality: Orgasmic Yoga; Radically Inclusive Sex; Polyamory vs Monogamy debate; Eco-Sex; Love Beyond Gender; Exploration of Touch; Fantasy Role-play; Evening with Janet Hardy - Author of The Ethical Slut, What to do When Someone You Love is Kinky, Girl Fags and Boy Dykes, The Topping/Bottoming Book and many more - Sydney, January 23-27, 2015


Asia-Oceania Federation of Sexology 21st Conference - Brisbane
Three day conference on latest research and treatment methods in sex therapy, Brisbane, October 2014

Sexuality & Philosophy - Sydney
4 week discussion course run by Schwelle, August 2014

6th Multidisciplinary Sexual Dysfunction Conference - Sydney
Three day conference in Sydney on Sexual Dysfunction.  Also presented at this conference.

Dossie Easton – Radical Ecstasy - Melbourne
Two day workshop on the integration of Tantric Philosophy with BDSM practice - February 2014

Dan Siegel - Harnessing The Power Of The Mind - Melbourne
Two day workshop on new and effective approaches to psycho-therapeutic clinical assessment, treatment planning and interventions - February 2014


Tantric Spanking
Afternoon workshop on practices and principles of spanking incorporating: consent, safety and Tantra techniques

PRIME – Premature Ejaculation Symposium - Sydney
One day workshop presenting latest research findings

Conscious Kink Workshop - Sydney
Three hour workshop on mindfulness and kink practice

Xplore Festival of Sexuality and Dance - Sydney
Three day series of workshops in alternative sexual practices, Tantra, BDSM and sex philosophy - April 2015

Martin Seligman – Positive Psychology - Sydney
Two hour presentation at Sydney Opera House


Somatic Tantra Training - Brisbane
One day workshop presented by Institute of Somatic Sex Therapy

ASSERT Conference- Melbourne
Three day National Conference for Australian Society Sex Educators, Researchers and Therapists

Dr Marty Klein (USA) - Kink, BDSM & Couples - Melbourne
One day workshop presented by Dr Marty Klein (USA) for ASSERT conference

Jacqueline Hellyer - Tantra for Sex Therapy - Melbourne
One day workshop presented by Jacqueline Hellyer for of ASSERT conference

Dr Marty Klein (USA) Sexual Intelligence - Sydney
One day workshop on couples sex therapy

Mindfulness Training for Practitioners
Three day workshop by Open Ground on using Mindfulness with clients and in practice

 Kevin Keith - Attachment Theory 1 - Sydney
One day PDP workshop on Clinical Assessment/measurement and interventions across the lifespan

Kevin Keith - Attachment Theory 2 - Sydney
One day PDP workshop on Informing and enhancing the practice of psychotherapy

Jacqueline Hellyer - Luscious Women’s Workshop - Sydney
Two Day Female Sexuality workshop

5th Multidisciplinary Sexual Dysfunction Conference - Queenstown, New Zealand
Three day conference in Sydney on Sexual Dysfunction.

John & Julie Gottman - Level 1: Bridging The Couples Chasm - Melbourne
Two day workshop on Couples Therapy

Dr Russ Harris - Acceptance & Commitment Therapy Advanced Workshop - Sydney
Two day workshop on strategies and frameworks for using ACT therapy


Affect Regulation: The New Frontier - Sydney
One day workshop on CBT and how to work effectively with clients who defend rather than feel

Dr John Briere - New Directions in Trauma - Sydney
Two day workshop on Mindfulness, Multimodal Therapy in Complex PTSD

Dr Russ Harris - Acceptance & Commitment Therapy Introduction Workshop - Sydney
Two day introduction workshop for ACT skills and theory

Prof. Eli Coleman - Hypersexuality: Disorder & Interpersonal Phenomenon
Two day, workshop for psychologists and psychiatrists

Australian Association of Relationship Counsellors Conference - Melbourne
Two days of workshops and presentations on relationship counselling


Prof. David Middleton - Assessment and Treatment of Internet Sex Offenders - Sydney
Two day workshop presented Professor David Middleton, De Montfort University, Leicester UK

What is Essential and Useful in Sexual Trauma Counselling - Sydney
Two hour presentation for CAPA professional development

ASSERT National Conference - Sydney
Three day Conference Australian Society of Sex Educators, Researchers and Therapists

Dr Patricia Love - Relationships and Addictions - Sydney
One day workshop on impact of addictions on relationships and neurobiology of addictions

Asia-Oceania Federation of Sexology Conference - Bali
Five day conference, workshops and presentations on latest medical research and treatments in sexology

Cognitive Behaviour Workshop - Sydney
One day workshop on effective treatment of depression, anxiety, pain & stress

4th Multidisciplinary Sexual Dysfunction Conference - Melbourne
Two day conference and presentations on treatment regimes in Sexual Dysfunction

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction
8 week course on combination of CBT, meditation, yoga and teaching to manage stress

Relationships, Intimacy & Sexual Compulsivity
One day workshop on frameworks for dealing with sexual compulsion & neurobiology behind it

Les Greenberg (USA) Emotion Focused Therapy for Couples - Brisbane
Two day workshop on emotion focused therapy for couples


Interactive Drawing Therapy - Sydney
Two day workshop on using drawing therapy to assist clients in telling their story

World Congress for Sexual Health - Sweden
Five day conference, global overview of past two years research, medication, psychotherapy and industry practice

Domestic Violence - Sydney
Two day workshop, core training and couples implications; Part of Relationships Australia training

Australian Association of Relationship Counsellors Conference - Goldcoast
Two day conference and workshops and presentations on relationship counselling

Diane Erving - Working with Intimacy & Sexuality, Issues in Relationship Counselling - Goldcoast
One day workshop on basics of sex therapy in couples counselling

Foundations for Working Systemically - Sydney
Two day workshop on introduction to working systemically with Relationships

Dr Sandra Pertot - Mismatched Libidos
Two day workshop on helping couples face the challenges of differences in sexual expectations


ASSERT NSW 2008 Conference - Sydney
Two day conference giving updates on sexual health, pleasure & rights, Australian perspective

CHC Child 1 C Assessment - Sydney
Two day workshop on working with children and assessment and mandatory reporting

Couples Therapy: The Existential Experience - Sydney
Two hour workshop followed by discussion


Vivian Courtis: Complex Trauma, PTSD, DID - Sydney
Two day workshop on definitions of PTSD, DID identification and treatment, working with complex trauma

Borderline Personality Workshop - Sydney
One day workshop on working with BPD clients, frameworks, expectations

World Congress for Sexual Health (WAS) - Sydney
Five day Global overview of past two years research, medication, psychotherapy and industry practice


Sexuality Training Workshops - Sydney
Two day workshops run by Impotence Australia and covering: Sexual History Taking, Sexual Identities, Assessment of Sexual Issues, Assessing and Treating Premature Ejaculation, Working with Men and Low Sexual Desire

Mental Health First Aid Course - Sydney
One day workshop covering all aspects of dealing with clients with mental health issues


Suicide Risk Assessment and Management Course - Sydney
One day workshop on case managing suicidal clients and risk assessment