Aleksandra Trkulja: Intern 

Aleks is interning at Surry Hills Therapy.  She doubles as an enthusiastic and capable assistant.  Aleks manages the diary, the office space, does the bookkeeping and helps Tanya research and prepare presentations

Under Tanya's tutelage Aleks will join the counselling team as she progresses through her counselling studies.



Bachelor Science (Major Psychology)/ 
Bachelor Arts (Major English)

Aleks has studied a double degree at the University of Sydney for the past three years.

Once she has graduated this degree, she intends to complete the Graduate Diploma of Counselling at The Australian College of Applied Psychology.  Post study, she aims to become a Sex Therapist.


After volunteering in Ecuador with young teenage women, Aleks became passionate about the importance of healthy relationships and encouraging learning in all avenues. During study at The University of Sydney, Aleks found the research based degree wasn’t fulfilling her passion to take a more humanistic approach to improving an individuals life through behaviour and lifestyle. She hopes to find the required theoretical and practical skills in the Graduate Diploma at The Australian College of Applied Psychology to enable her to carry out these goals.