Spicing Things Up Workshop

Who Should Come:

People looking to make their intimate lives a little more interesting!  

Couples or individuals already in relationships, who would like to add some fun sex games and experiences to their repertoire.

Where:    coming 2018

Time:       9am – 6pm

Cost:       $500 per couple (early bird $450)
$250 per single (early bird $225)

Where:   Cambridge Hotel
                   212 Riley Street  Surry Hills  NSW  2010


About the Workshop:

People who are looking to make their intimate lives a little more interesting often approach me asking for ideas – this is the workshop for them!  It is designed for couples or individuals who are already in healthy relationships who would like to add some sex games and intimate experiences to their repertoire.

This is a fully clothed workshop – there is no nudity or sexual activity.  There will be coupled exercises, single attendees will be paired with others to be able to undertake the exercises


What the Workshop Covers:

  • Negotiation and consent
  • The power of the breath (and intention)
  • Power exchange – what is it? 
  • Ideas for sensual play using intention, breathe and surrender.
  • Games to play at home


Learning Outcomes

  1. Learn how to ask for things you want clearly and obtain consent.
  2. Tantric methods to create intention and ecstasy.
  3. Understanding power exchange and what each person can obtain from it.
  4. Understanding how to use the senses to achieve greater eroticism


To register fill in our registration form and email tanya@surryhillstherapy.com.

For a PDF brochure click here.