In response to Tanya’s speaking engagements and the demand from people to learn more about sex, relationships, intimacy and communication, we are pleased to introduce a range of workshops aimed at both practitioners and clients.

Our How To Talk About Sex workshops have been immensely popular and those who have attended encouraged us to expand our offering into a second day. So we have done just that, but also given you a choice to attend one or both of the workshops.

We are also offering workshops to cover other important issues: Desire Discrepancy (Mis-Matched Libidos) and Alternative Sexualities.  Tanya is a sought after expert in both of these fields and her presentations are lively, informative, fun and practical.  Participants will gain valuable knowledge and practical client intervention models.

Workshops for everyone we say!  Tanya is often asked by clients, how can they get more excitement into their sex lives … and how can they ask their partner for things that they without feeling creepy or shamed about it. 

Come along to these workshops and learn how to discover more about what works for you and your partner and how to negotiate safely for enhanced intimacy.  We can also give you some ideas on how to spice things up if you are short on ideas!


Introduction - How to Talk About Sex

Advanced - How to Talk About Sex

Desire Discrepancy

Alternative Sexualities

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