Tanya was relaxed and knowledgeable, well prepared, able to laugh and invited respectful engagement.
— NZ Workshop participant

Tanya is a sought after expert and presenter as her events are lively, informative, fun and practical.  Participants will gain valuable knowledge and practical client intervention frameworks. Tanya offers workshops to both practitioners and clients and covers important issues, such as sexual communication, desire discrepancy and how to speak about sex.

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Up coming Workshops

A few hours with you has changed my whole view on sex!
— Workshop participant

Past workshops


Studio Kink - 2019 - Sexual Communication Skills (using Betty Martin’s Wheel of Consent)

Sydney University - 2014 - 2019 Life of Sexologist - Multi-Disciplinary approach to sex therapy

Intimate Conversations for Practitioners - 2018

Society of Australian Sexologists Conference 2018 Consent and Pleasure 

Desire Discrepancy Workshops - 2016 and 2018

Society of Australian Sexologists Conference - 2017 How To Be A Kink Friendly Practitioner 

How To Talk About Sex 2014- 2016

Multi-Disciplinary Sexual Health Conference - 2014 - 2016 How to Talk About Sex

Strathfield Hospital Prostate Cancer Awareness - 2016 Love, Sex and Intimacy after Prostate Cancer

FEAST - Festival of Erotic and Sexual Transformation  2016 Phallus Pleasuring workshop

Q-Talk - 2016 Talking about sex for phone line counsellors

Studio Kink - Kink-con - 2016 Consent workshop

Studio Kink - Kink-con - 2016 Phallus Pleasuring workshop

SAS Brisbane Professional Development - 2015 Understanding Polyamory for Professionals

Australian Incontinence Nurses Conference - 2015 Sexuality and Incontinence

FEAST - Festival of Erotic and Sexual Transformation - 2015 Consent

SAS Brisbane Professional Development - 2015

Australian Oceania Federation of Sexology Conference - 2014

IVF Conference - GENEA 2013 Consultants - Lets Talk About Sex Nurses - Bringing Sexy Back

HIMH - Newcastle Mental Health Services - 2010 Did Someone Say Sex?  Now What Do I Do?

LifeLine - 2008 and 2009 How to deal with Sex Callers