Surry Hills Therapy is an inclusive practice where all sexualities, gender and sexual expressions and practices are welcome.

We specialise in helping people relate more consciously with themselves and with others.  Through therapy we help people overcome fears, anxiety, previous experiences, trauma and dysfunctions.

We are experts in sex therapy, sex coaching, relationships, self-esteem and anxiety.

Surry Hills Therapy is owned and operated by renowned Sex Therapist, Relationship Expert and Counsellor – Tanya Koens.  Tanya has a vast clinical experience with many thousands of hours counselling behind her and is a sought after media commentator.  Under Tanya’s expert guidance, counsellors at Surry Hills Therapy offer professional, confidential and ethical therapy for individuals and couples. 

I just wanted to thank you for all your help. You have really been excellent and I have taken away many things that I have thought about and promised to work on.
— Female, married, 2 children, 38

Tanya and her colleagues understand the many pressures and stresses that can influence people’s relationships and their sexuality.  They work in a holistic manner incorporating all aspects of the person, their life and their relationships.  They provide a safe and private space in which to explore these issues with an experienced, non-judgmental and knowledgeable therapist.

Tanya and her colleagues teach skills and empower people to bemore authentic with themselves, their bodies and with others

Thank you for being a kind non-judgmental voice for me. I am incredibly grateful … thanks for listening and for caring about me.
— Male 37


Conscious sexuality respects that every aspect of a person’s life is reflected in their sexuality: the past, present, beliefs, relationships and many other things.  The totality of these and countless other aspects will impact on our sexuality.

We understand that it is almost impossible to speak about sex as a stand-alone issue.  Many people are quick to name issues as a dysfunction, rather than as a symptom of problems that may be occurring in a person’s life.  By looking at the whole picture, we can identify many different ways to address issues … it’s rarely as simple as “popping a pill”.

Sex has a meaning but it does not have a uniform meaning to all people.  Even within an individual sex can have different meanings.   It is a deeply personal act full of unmeasured individual peculiarities. We can project parts of ourselves into sex: feelings, longings, trauma, and hidden parts of self. We construct our own meanings of sex and these are fluid and change as we change. 

Consciousness is connecting the head to the body and to the heart.  Understanding the impacts on us from many different sources.  It’s learning to stop thinking and start feeling … to stop doing and start being.

We work to help clients experience themselves in an embodied way during sex… taking them out of their heads and into their bodies for a more authentic way of connecting.

Thank you so much for your help and insights. My partner and I are getting there... this is all helping so much and I do feel like we WILL get there. I really appreciate your understanding in our sessions. Your acknowledgement, understanding and guidance are so valuable. It’s helped to clarify things, explain things ... which is getting us on the path we need to be on to find a way to have happy, fulfilling, real intimacy.
— Female, 34


Intimacy is how you relate to each other, how you talk to each other, how you care for each other and how you live together.  It’s not just sex.

True intimacy is being able to advocate what you want, with respect and consideration of your partner/friend/lover.  It’s the way you conduct yourself in all your relationships.  And it’s the way you listen to those interacting with you and how you help them meet their needs.

Tanya and her colleagues make sure to understand the full nature of people’s relationships and use this to inform their relationship and sex therapy interventions.

“Tanya is an awesome therapist. She brings her whole, beautiful, intuitive self to the conversation and leaves her clients in a better place than when they arrived. She offers real human contact that moves people.
— Female, 36
… After speaking with you I was able to talk to my husband about some difficult things. Just being able to talk about it with someone has been the biggest help of all, so thank you so much for your kind and empathetic ear.
— Female, 53
Thank you for giving me a safe place
to explore my sexuality.
— Male, 27