As a respected commentator in Australian media, Tanya is a go to voice for all things sex, pleasure and relating. She has been describe as one of the most ‘woke’ commentators in the Australian press.

She is a regular on Triple J’s The Hook Up and does a fortnightly segment on FBI Radio - Let’s Talk About Sex, as the station’s resident sexologist and pleasure activist.

Tanya also writes regularly for ABC Life.

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Radio Podcasts

FBI Radio - Lets Talk About Sex Podcast


Tanya got up very early in the morning to have a chat with Rod Quinn about Mature Age Dating on ABC Overnight - 20 July





Tanya was interviewed by national radio station Triple J about break up sex.  

Print and Online


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Tanya was interviewed by national radio station Triple J about break up sex.  

Is childbirth the death of our sex life? - My Child, Issue 6