working with couples with desire discrepancy


Therapists * Counsellors * Psychologists * Coaches * Allied Health Professionals * Medical Practitioners * Sexual Health Practitioners

Date:             29 May 2018

Time:           9am – 5pm

Cost:            $340 (early bird $295, before February 8)

Where:        Cambridge Hotel, 212 Riley Street, Surry Hills,  NSW,  2010


About the Workshop:

One of the most common presenting issues in relationship therapy (and individual therapy) is a mis-match in desire.

Often people wanting more sex are looked upon as selfish and deviant in some way.  Those with higher libidos are accused of being sex manics and sex addicts.

Those with lower libidos are castigated and told they “should” feel like sex because “everybody else” does. They can be called frigid and cold and little curiosity is shown as to why they may not be feeling like sex as often as their partner.

This workshop is designed to help practitioners work with couples facing the challenges of differences in sexual expectations.

 What the Workshop Covers:

  • Attitudes, Beliefs and Behaviours
  • Desire and arousal models
  • Factors that influence desire and arousal
  • Different libido/sexual personalities that people have
  • Developing a sexual menu
  • Negotiating sex for couples

Learning Outcomes

1.     Understand different sexual personality types

2.     Understand the difference between spontaneous and responsive desire

3.     Ability to coach couples to accept and work with difference

4.     Frameworks and suggestions for couples to use when negotiating or talking about sex.

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