What is Conscious Sexuality?

Conscious Sexuality respects that every aspect of a person’s life is reflected in their sexuality: the past, present, beliefs, relationships and many other things.  The totality of these and countless other aspects will impact on our sexuality.

We understand that it is almost impossible to speak about sex as a stand-alone issue.  Many people are quick to name issues as a dysfunction, rather than as a symptom of problems that may be occurring in a person’s life.  By looking at the whole picture, we can identify many different ways to address issues … its rarely as simple as “popping a pill”!

Sex has a meaning but it does not have a uniform meaning to all people.  Even within an individual sex can have different meanings.   It is a deeply personal act full of unmeasured individual peculiarities. We can project parts of ourselves into sex: feelings, longings, trauma, and hidden parts of self. We construct our own meanings of sex and these are fluid and change as we change. 

“Thank you for giving me a safe place to explore my sexuality - Male, 27”

Consciousness is connecting the head to the body and to the heart.  Understanding the impacts on us from many different sources.  It’s learning to stop thinking and start feeling … to stop doing and start being.

We work to help clients experience themselves in an embodied way during sex… taking them out of their heads and into their bodies for a more authentic way of connecting.

“I just wanted to thank you for all your help. You have really been excellent and I have taken away many things that I have thought about and promised to work on. - Female, married, 2 kids, 38”