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Date:            postponed till later in 2016

Time:            9am – 5pm

Cost:             $340
                      ($295 early bird)

Where:         Cambridge Hotel
                      212 Riley Street
                      Surry HillsNSW2010

About the Workshop:

Do you have clients who have disclosed sexual and relationship preferences that fall outside of the hetero-normative, monogamous norm and who have experienced judgment or prejudice from a therapist, family, friends and/or colleagues?

This workshop gives an overview into different types of sexualities, sexual expressions, relationships and gender presentations.  It is designed to eliminate prejudice and give insight into issues that are relevant to these communities.


What the Workshop Covers:

  • Polyamory, open relationships and swinging
  • Safety & Consent
  • Kink Overview – BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, Domination, Submission, Sadism, Masochism), role pay, fetishes, cross-dressing and more. .
  • What to understand when working with clients that engage in kink and fetish practices
  • Queer and LGTBQI identities.  Understanding and respecting community values.
  • Issues that may present and how to support these clients
  • Are any of your clients gender fluid? Transitioning?  Transsexual?  How to best support these clients
  • Discussion on working with clients with different sexual values to your own resources



Learning Outcomes

1.     Understanding of polyamory, BDSM/kink, gender, GLTBQI

2.     Identifying and working with issues faced by these communities

3.     De-pathologising alternative sexual practices

4.     Safety and consent principles

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